Quick Update.

Hi Friends!

I know it’s has definitely been awhile, so here’s me, giving you all an update. I’m still here! I’m still wanting to blog! Just not so good with managing my posts to be up as regularly as I had wanted it to be. So far, I’ve been trying to enjoy what’s left of my summer. Currently I’m caught up with my new job, and wanting to finish every other thing that I had initially wanted to finish but never had the chance to accomplish haha.

Here’s some photos of today’s day trip to Pinawa and Seven Sister Falls! I’ve been wanting to do a day trip every week. Hopefully it’s something I stick to!

What’s your favourite summer activity? Comment below!

Side note here too..can you tell I’m low key promoting my #beautyandthefoodieblog shirts? LOL

#ALLEGEDLY a word that Mary would always use.

And as always,