A Review: Bonfire Bistro

Hi friends!

I’ll try my best to upload reviews on new restaurants/eateries I’ve explored. Here’s a recent one that I went to on a double date with my friend and her boyfriend.


If you’re new to my blog, welcome! The basis of my reviews relies on 3 factors: Scenery, service, and of course the food. I also include the location and or promotions that are mentioned, as well as their website for their menu items.

For any restauranteurs or businesses who would like me to review their location, feel free to send me an email/comment below! Email is found at the bottom of my blog.


Now, on to the review…

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From the outside, the location/size of the restaurant appears to be small. Upon walking into the building, there is an open seating area with a bar area to it’s right where you can see a wood-fired oven that they use for cooking. When you make your way into the back, there’s more seating that’s found to the left of the building. It’s in a completely different room and is more open to guests with more than 4.


The service was quite quick, however, when it came to the timing of the food, it was a bit slow. Granted, it was also busy that evening. Plus it was on a weekend (Saturday) a day before Mother’s day. I’d have to eat there during a weekday to really see how the service is like. I can imagine how hard it is to accommodate the number of people that were in the restaurant that night.


The specials of the day can be found on the chalkboard that’s located on the wall when you walk into the second open room area. On that special menu, there were two entree specials and the soup of the day. Since this is a bistro, the menu was minimalistic and didn’t have many options. However, each entree/menu item including the drinks was described in detail. Therefore, anyone new to eating at this location would know exactly what they would be expecting.

As for taste, I ordered the lamb shank entree that was on the menu, followed by a fettuccine dish for my boyfriend. My friend order the special entree, beef tenderloin and her boyfriend ordered a salmon dish that was on the menu. All the dishes were quite filling, expect to get a lot from the meals you order here. Very aesthetically pleasing too, as you can tell from the pictures taken from that night.

Note: If you’re planning to order the fettuccine dish and do not like garlic, it might not be the dish for you. It wasn’t for my boyfriend at least, I thought it was good haha. 

The dessert was this cheesecake chocolate ice cream mix, which wasn’t too sweet. It was rather dense in texture though, due to the cheesecake present. My friend and I love to order dessert whenever she shows me a new restaurant to go to. Shoutout to Linh for always suggesting places for us to go to LOL.



1433 Corydon Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3N 0J2

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