Life Update: Where Have I been?

Hi Friends!

For those of you who have been with me for the past three years, I praise you all for the patience and the sweet comments on my posts!

I’m still stagnant in my time schedule of balancing school, work, volunteer, and other daily activities that come my way. But here’s a few updates!

  1. I’m uploading more often, but on my personal instagram account. For those who would also like to follow me go and search up @larasamonte 🙂
  2. Assignments and term tests are coming up. Therefore, I’m at another stance with uploading posts on this blog. Most of the content for right now as you’ve all noticed, have been reposts of awesome recipes from fellow followers!
  3. It’s been super cold where I live. It’s nothing super substantial to announce, but damn, is it ever cold.
  4. I finally have a domain! Some of you may have noticed that recently my domain ending of has switched over to .com instead!
  5. Updates on my theme on beauty and the foodie! I’m experimenting with what theme matches my content best. It may change a few more times..however I do like this one best.

As an ending note, I would like to hear from you! Comment below of what you think I should post up. Give me some ideas!

Should I do a collaboration with one of you? Should I do a Q&A with questions you send me? Let me know 🙂


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