18 Things I’ve Learned in 2018.

I wrote a post previously on ’17 things I’ve learned in 2017′, so I thought I’d do it again for 2018.

Let’s start this list off again, shall we?

Eighteen. Take a breather, and take things slow. Rushing into things all the time, and always finding a way to get to the finish line faster isn’t always a good thing. But that doesn’t mean take a lifetime to accomplish tasks and goals. 

Seventeen. Dealing with death is variable among people. My experiences with a loved one, or someone close to me dying was very different from when I was 10-15 years old, compared to now. The loss feels greater, and the emotional aftermath impacts you differently. In some sort of way, to me it changed certain view points in my life.

Sixteen. Be grateful and mindful always. You end up appreciating things a lot more, and you gain a lot of insight as to how to become more empathetic towards others. We live in a world where many of us don’t take the time to appreciate the things we do have.

Fifteen. Stress can manifest in different ways. And sometimes, you just need to shut yourself out of reality and just stay quiet. 

Fourteen. I don’t know when. I don’t know how. But I know, I’ll make it happen”. A quote that has been repeating itself constantly in my head.

Thirteen. Prioritizing and passion work hand in hand. With that being said, the more passionate I become for accomplishing a certain task/goal, the more likely I am to prioritize it as much as a can.

Twelve. “Doing” productive things, and “Being” productive are two different entities. Being productive suffices more, rather than simply doing something productive.

Eleven. Not every call, email, or text is an opportunity for you. And it’s completely okay to not answer to them too. It’s better to collect your thoughts and respond another time, rather than taking every opportunity that presents itself towards you.

Ten. Think rationally before responding. However, do so in a timely manner. This goes back to point eleven. Creating decisions can be a hard thing, but it’s better to do so within means in order to resolve things faster.

Nine. Choose to spend time with those who uplift you, not with those who bring you down.

Eight. Sometimes you need to back down, and just walk away without saying a word. Being the type of person who always want to have the final say, it’s been hard. Ultimately,  it becomes exhausting having to explain myself, or having to justify my reasoning.

Seven. It takes time and effort to become a good listener.

Six. Continue to read, and not just what’s on social media. It was a goal of mine the previous year to read all the books I’ve purchased from book fairs, and it’s still been one of the goals I’ve continued.

Five. Make peace with others earlier, and often. But this doesn’t mean that I still don’t hold onto my feelings. I just want to have the respectful boundary. 

Four. You can’t convince everyone, so stop wasting your time.

Three. There’s no one that can change your life expect yourself. Therefore making future plans, and making sure I’m happy, are two things I continue to focus on in order to make those changes in my life.

Two. Own up to your mistakes, because it can be a beautiful thing. No fluff, no arguments, nothing overly dramatic. Just own up to it. 

One. Forgive yourself. It’s definitely been a hard one. Accepting my own mistakes, the small and big ones, and recognizing them right away can benefit not only myself but to those around me as well. It’s a working process, and still is. But the accountability is there.


What have you learned in 2018? Comment below!


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