A Review: Anju Restaurant | Korean Tapas

Hi friends!

Like I said previously, my sister and I went to a lot of restaurants while we stayed in Calgary. Many of them were asian related, but definitely had unique menu items to talk about!

Be prepared for more reviews!


If you’re new to my blog, welcome! The basis of my reviews rely on 3 factors: Scenery, service, and of course the food. I also include the location and or promotions that are mentioned, as well as their website for their menu items.

For any restauranteurs or businesses who would like me to review their location, feel free to send me an email/comment below! Email is found in the bottom of my blog.


Now, on to the review…

More information/photos of the place can be found here.


The location was near our Air BnB condo that was downtown. It was walking distance, so we ended up only walking about 10 minutes to the restaurant. It’s located in an area where parking should be accessible, however due to construction, it was a bit hard to find parking. Hence is why we walked..but either way, it was only a 10 minute walk! Need to get those steps in for the day haha..

Inside, it was decorated with some oriental art pieces, and looked like a mesh of a traditional asian themed setting, with a modern twist? The place itself had a bar located in the middle, with the tables scatter around it. I wish I took a photo of the inside D:


We arrived during a time when it was quite busy. I believe there was some sort of street festival happening in Downtown when we were there. They have this system called ‘Open Table’, which you book online for a reservation and just arrive during your designated time. You are able to book in advance too! Plus no waiting times. If you do however arrive without reservations, you can book with them and they will notify you via text/calling when a table is available. I really like that aspect for a lot of restaurants in Calgary, that system is really handy in minimizing wait times, and allowing their customers to roam around until their table is actually available to them.

As for service with the menu/serving the food, it was pretty quick! Even though it was busy in the area, the servers were really nice and friendly and even suggested what we should try out!


I posted a photo of the food my sister and I ordered from the restaurant, it’s mentioned in the description box. The foods mentioned are: Baked Kimchi Fried Rice and Truffle Yam fries. The baked kimchi fried rice inspired my sister to recreate her own version, I’ll post it up soon for the recipe! The yam fries were super good with the truffle sauce! I had a dish with truffle sauce back in another restaurant (which I’ll post a quick review on that one as well), however, you definitely taste that umami flavour, and it’s quite hard to describe the taste.  You definitely should try it out if you never had anything truffle related before.


344 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2S 0A5


    1. beautyandthefoodieblog

      Much thanks! For food, my favourite dish was the baked kimchi fried rice. As for favourite YYC location for food, I think the Buttermilk Fine Waffles (review will be posted soon) and Ikumen Ramen Bar (which will also be posted soon).

      Thanks for commenting! 🙂


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