A Review: Stone Bowl

Hi friends!

For today’s review, I decided to post about places we didn’t dine in. With that being said, we only had two locations. One being the basis of this review, and the other, the Sunterra Market. Which I will be reviewing much later on.


If you’re new to my blog, welcome! The basis of my reviews rely on 3 factors: Scenery, service, and of course the food. I also include the location and or promotions that are mentioned, as well as their website for their menu items.

For any restauranteurs or businesses who would like me to review their location, feel free to send me an email/comment below! Email is found in the bottom of my blog.


Now, on to the review…

More reviews of the place can be found here.


The location is near the Olympic Plaza, and the Calgary Tower. The place inside reminded me of a semi modern/casual dining space. I say this because half of the furniture looked nice and neat, and the other side…a little bit too casual. Casual as in the chairs were a bit cracked, and the tables appeared to have staining. It had an open concept when it came to the kitchen area though. You will definitely be able to see how your food is being cooked since the kitchen and cooking space are located near the front doors of the restaurant, and facing towards the seating area.


For ordering, you go up to the restaurant front and order your meal there. This is different from being seated and waiting to be asked what you would like to order. Also, you pay first and then they give you your food.

There was no one at the restaurant when we went. The time we went around was about noon on a Wednesday. I’m not too sure as to how busy it actually gets, but the food we ordered was cooked up right away!

And no, it was not just heated up. We actually seen the cooks grabbing all the ingredients and cooking them altogether. This was a nice experience, knowing that we were able to see how our food was being made.


We only ended up ordering beef bibimbap bulgogi, and Korean pancakes. The Korean pancakes were rather thick in texture, and was a bit too heavy for me. But the rest of the food tasted great! We took the food to go, and it was prepared pretty quick. Plus, it was very filling, and the cost was pretty affordable.


#175 615 Macleod Trail SE, Calgary, AB T2G2M1


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