A Review: The Block (Kitchen + Bar)

Hi there friends!

I’m slowly making my way back to posting once again. I have a few reviews to upload from my trip to Calgary! My sister and I travelled to various places for some awesome food and sight seeing. I’m excited to share these posts with all of you 🙂

Be prepared for a whole lot of photos that will be uploaded 😉

BTW: My photo stream for my blog is almost at its limit, can anyone suggest some options for uploading more pictures to my blog without using WordPress as the source? Comment below if you can help out!


If you’re new to my blog, welcome! The basis of my reviews rely on 3 factors: Scenery, service, and of course the food. I also include the location and or promotions that are mentioned, as well as their website for their menu items.

For any restauranteurs or businesses who would like me to review their location, feel free to send me an email/comment below! Email is found in the bottom of my blog.


Now, on to the review…



It’s quite a small location, with it’s bar as the main focal point when you enter the place. It also offers an outdoor experience with a few tables built out of logs. You can view a bit of the other Banff local stores from this area.

Aesthetically, I found that the place offered a comforting feel. The lighting was also quite nice for taking photos. Though the lighting was more of a warm tone than a cool tone, the photos that I took made the overall look more rustic/relaxing.

I also liked that the bottles of wine were pinned up on the wall, hence another reason why I took a photo of the bar spot, rather than the seating area.



The service we had was rather quick, though on it’s website it does say first come, first serve. I’d assume that it would be really busy during certain times or days of the week. We arrived about half an hour before noon started on a Tuesday, and it wasn’t busy at all. The host/servers there were also really helpful for suggesting menu items and any of your tourist questions such as places to visit. There were only two of them working during the time we arrived, and there is not many seating areas within the place itself. I would think that if will probably be best to not arrive during their peak times.


We both ordered the ‘Blockalicious Burger’ which also came with a side of shoestring fries with spicy mayo, topped with nori flakes. The burger itself is advertised as ‘Made with a Alberta beef house patty, pork belly, roasted tomato, onion compote, Japanese mayo, and smoked cheddar’. More information can be found on their website here. I would also say that the price point of this location is a bit high, the burgers initially were $18.00, and if you add the tip as well, the price sure racks up.

Overall, I did like the restaurant atmosphere. Plus is wasn’t far from the other local Banff stores, and was walking distance from our parked location. Though it was a small location, I did like the place when it came to taking photos and for a casual conversation area.


Corner of Caribou St.
and Banff Avenue.
Banff, Alberta


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