Where Have I Been?

My Post-10

Hi Friends!

Recently I went to Calgary with my sister for our now annual sisterly bonding trip. Definitely one of the best trips I’ve ever been too, minus the fact that it was still within Canada. However, I’ve honestly been pretty MIA the past few days, weeks, I don’t know..maybe even a few months. I did however post a few random segments on my blog whenever I did have the time.

Truth is, I thought I’d be readily available to write up posts and upload the content I wanted. But time is definitely not with me! I might start up a schedule for when I do create and upload my posts so that I’m more frequent with it.

Thanks for everyone who has been reading my blog for the past two or so years! We’ve reached a total of over 1000+ followers! I promise I’ll be gradually uploading my blog posts. More of my frequent posts will be on my Instagram: @larasamonte, and my instastories are inspired by my week in photos segment in my blog! Be sure to hit it up to check out my daily activities, I try to update them everyday haha.

As for right now? What’s the future for my beautyandthefoodieblog? Well I have many ideas that I want to pursue for my blog. Lots of new content to add to my current topics, more personal written pieces that I want to type out, adding more photos and descriptions of the places I visit…the list goes on! This summer is rather short for me, since I do have a summer course to finish from July to August. Not to mention my Fall semester will follow soon afterwards.

Rest assured, I will be here! I’ll be late…as always with uploading. But I promise not to disappoint!

Be sure to follow my other social media links, I’ve listed them from the most frequently used: 

Facebook: @beautyandthefoodieblog

Instagram: @larasamonte (including my instastories)

YouTube: @beautyandthefoodie

VSCO: @beautyandthefoodie (all in black and white)


**Also, sidenote…what would YOU guys like for me to post? A Q&A? Another review? Give me ideas!

And as always,


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