A Review: The Hub


Hi Friends!

Finals have officially finished..at least for me right now. I’ve been spending a lot of my days at my university campus, and even though I try to pack something to eat…I never seem to bring enough food!

Anyways, with that being said. There are days where I’m too lazy to venture out to find something to eat, and end up finding something on campus instead.

Here’s a review of the Hub.

There description from their website: “The Hub is the Campus bar brought to you by UMSU. With student friendly pricing, a unique twist on traditional pub fare and a creatively designed beverage menu, it sure makes it easy to enjoy yourself. Whether you’re in the mood to relax and mingle with friends or kick up your heels and pull out the newest dance moves, The Hub has it all!” Go here for more information.

So let’s break it down.


The overall look of this campus bar really does remind me of a pub, as described by the staff. There’s nothing too fancy about the surroundings though. It is however quite big inside.


Majority of the staff appeared to also attend the University. The service was rather quick during the times that I did go there with my friends. I never been inside on busier days, but I’d assume it would take a bit longer depending on staff.


I usually only order their nachos there! They by far have the best nachos. The chips taste different? Or maybe how they layer the cheese…instead of putting it all on top like other places do. My favourite place for nachos were originally at the Browns social clubhouse, but since tasting the Hub’s version of their nachos, I’ve been reformed. Occasionally I would order an drink, but nothing too over the top. Unfortunately I forgot what kind of drink was pictured below, I do know it was an alcoholic one though LOL. I would definitely recommend this place for their nachos, hence this review ahaha.


You can view a PDF version of their whole menu here.


The Hub Social Club
66 Chancellors Cir, Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N


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