Popular Food Trends from 1993 onwards

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Hi Friends!

I become interested in food trends while I was reading up on some crazy trends that were trending in 2017. I decided, why not search up a few food trends from when I was born, and onwards until 2017? Then I thought, nah….that’s way too long of a list! Instead I decided to search up food trends from my birth year, and every five years afterwards.

I found it quite interesting to read up on the trends between those years.

What were the food trends that occurred in your birth year? Comment below!


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Apparently, during my birth year, pretzels and sun-dried tomatoes were a big thing. During this time, it also appeared that ‘Celebrity Chef’ was quite big on screen too. The two food trends I mentioned were pretty random, I’m sure there was more back then. Definitely surprised with sun-dried tomatoes being a big thing back then. The pretzels were not so much of a surprise to me haha. You can view more here, to read up on 1993 food trends.

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A food product that was introduced world wide was of ‘whole grain products’. Other trends included ‘Organic food’ for children, which had numerous organic products emerging that were focused on younger age groups. This also aided towards the notion of having ethnically sourced ingredients, and of cooking fresh; which all seemed to be trending during this time as well. Hence the start of a healthier eating movement? You can view more here, to read up on 2008 food trends.

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As mentioned in a Forbes article, “Top 10 Food Trends of 2013” it appeared that ‘high end veganism’ was emerging during this time, as well as the use of international ingredients such as Korean flavours, and of foods such as ‘lobster rolls’ and ‘devilled eggs’ which became a thing. I remember lobster rolls being a big thing during this year. However it was more or less a fancier food item to order in my opinion. Surprised about the devilled eggs being a big hit though. You can view more here, to read up on 2013 food trends.

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Since it is only the start of the new year, some of the food trends I’ve found out were not too surprising. For example, apparently ‘speciality teas’, ‘plant based protein’, ‘Hawaiian food (such as Poke bowls)’, and ‘gut friendly foods’. All are not surprising, since it looked like there were also trending a bit during the 2017 year. The Hawaiian food cuisine was a no brainer, there were so many recipes and videos out there for the various types of foods! Plus, there’s a lot of local places now incorporating the popular food items as well. You can view more here, to read up on 2018 food trends.






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