A Review: Oh Doughnuts

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Hi Friends!

I love going to local shops like this, and how their ‘Gourmet doughnuts Hand made using local and organic ingredients where possible.’ (quote derived from the Oh Doughnuts website). You can also view the full menu, and other unlisted flavours that they have on their website!

This is quite a late posting, especially since I had purchased doughnuts from this location to celebrate my anniversary with my boyfriend of 6 years haha. Six doughnuts to symbolize the amount of years we’ve been together? Here’s to half a dozen!

What are your favourite doughnut flavours? Comment below!



It’s not that accessible to parking, therefore it’s definitely an in and out kind of place. You choose your doughnuts, buy them, and go. I found it hard to find parking in that area, and I had to pay for parking which sucked. Perfect for those who bus though! It’s located not too far from many bus stops there. Also it located on a corner, which may be hard to find if you’re not familiarized with the area itself. Definitely worth the time to go to this location to check it out though!


The service was quick, they do accept all forms of tender when paying for your doughnuts. They also package it nicely in various sized boxes. I just found that the boxes were too spacious, which made some of the doughnuts I had purchased move around as I was carrying it. They have such cute designs on their doughnuts and their branding!


Since it’s been a while since I purchased the doughnuts, I had to search up the flavours haha. I know I doubled up on the vegan maple bacon, which was really good. The bacon had an interesting texture, and the flavour combo was bomb haha. The other flavours were: Pink sprinkles, Raspberry white chocolate, Cookies ‘n’ cream, and the speciality everything bagel (which I forgot to take a photo of unfortunately). I purchased the everything bagel doughnut for my sister, which she loved. They also serve coffee, tea and soda as well!

My favourite from the bunch would have to be the vegan maple bacon and the cookies ‘n’ cream, since I love bacon and I love Oreos lol. There’s definitely a flavour out there for everyone!

Overall, I definitely recommend anyone who has a sweet tooth craving or love for doughnuts, to check this place out. You’d be surprised with what interesting flavours are there, that you might end up liking.


326 Broadway. Winnipeg, Mb.

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