Top 5 Skincare Products you should be using in your 20’s

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Hi friends!

I know, I know, you’re used to your own skincare routine, and you’ve been told numerous times that you should change it up…but you never did change your routine. And now, you’re realizing that you are now in your 20’s or mid 20’s to say the least, and your skin is just not looking the way it used to be. Is it lacking moisture? Maybe you’re noticing some finer lines and wrinkles emerging?

Notice when your skin is asking for help.

Everyone’s skin will be different. Please be aware of that. Read up on my post, ‘Choosing the right Skincare for you: A Guide‘ to find out more!

Now for the Top 5 Skincare Products you should be using (but now, you’ve realized you should be using) in your 20’s:

Adobe Spark-14Ditch the soap and water regime. Instead, opt for a cleanser. Using a cleanser will not only clean your face, it will also keep your skin from stripping it’s natural oils. Soap and water can be harsh on your face, and leave it feeling tight and dry. I know that feeling that tightness in your skin may feel like it’s clean, but truly it isn’t. Your skin’s natural oils will be stripped, leaving that tightness, which will lead to more wrinkles forming. You don’t want that.

Adobe Spark-15Buy a good eye makeup remover. It seems very mediocre of a product, but boy does it help when removing eye makeup to say the least. Getting a proper make up remover will help you out when you’re cleaning your face. It’ll remove the waterproof makeup and make it easier for the other cleansing products to remove the rest of the makeup. Plus with a good make up remover, it will avoid you from having to pull and tug on your skin to remove areas where there is more makeup applied.

Adobe Spark-16Start using a moisturizer meant of your skin, stop using your mother’sIt also includes using another relative’s skincare as your own. Your skin is not like theirs. Unless you do in reality have the same skin type as the other person, don’t be using their skincare products just because your were lazy to get your own, or just found it easier to use theirs. Chances are, that person already has a system going on for their skincare regime. This means, you need to up your game and figure out what your skin needs. Know the difference of normal, dry, oil, and combination skin types. It’ll benefit you a lot when it comes to finding the perfect moisturizer for yourself.

Adobe Spark-17Serums are not just for middle aged women. In fact, you should be using it at your prime 20’s. Sure, there are different forms. Just be aware of what your skin needs. If you don’t need that extra lift and firm, then don’t go buying a serum that does all that. Serums will also allow you to use less of your moisturizer, and comes first before you apply your moisturizer (this is so that it penetrates the skin first).

Adobe Spark-18Even the fullest coverage concealer will not be able to cover up those eye bags, and stop product from ceasing under your eyes. Get yourself an eye cream. Being in your 20’s is the perfect time to be using an eye cream. Prevention is key. You’ll find that it will be much easier to use products such as concealer underneath your eyes, if there is less discolouration/fine lines and wrinkles present. You can easily find an eye cream suitable for your needs. There are also different textures, and comes in eye serums as well!

What are your skincare regimes? Comment below!


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