Adobe Spark-12

I feel like I often devalue the nature of what learning brings upon an individual, especially when it comes to finding someone’s ‘self’ in the process. In my disbelief, the stepping grounds in which I hope to become a better person. Or be knowingly, believe that I will be a better person; involves the notion of learning.

Learning is not easy. And I mean it with the utmost vague, truth, that there is possible. It’ll be hard, it’ll make you want to give up. However, if you look past those tribulations, the outcome is very welcoming.

Learning is not always recognizable. I say this because, unknowingly, you can be learning about something new yourself and not even recollect a single factor from it. The beauty in all of this, is that you’re mind is still at a constant pace with collecting information.

Learning may take a lifetime. That is, most likely the duration of your whole life. There is always a constant form of learning, and that follows with you as you grow.

Learning may come all at once, or in steps. Be prepared to intake from the largest to the most incremental forms of learning.

Learning is a process that will help you explore other forms of learning. It lets you venture out of your own bubble, and allows you to discover and to engage towards teaching others.

However you allow learning to manifest in your life, I feel like these five statements become recognizable along the way. Learning is not always towards finding a locus, sometimes it be knowingly just exists.


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