How to: Green Smoothie

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Hi Friends!

Happy new year! So it’s the new year huh? 2018. Everyone will be trying out something new to start off their 2018 year strong. Why not try a cleanse or a detox? Your body will definitely be thanking you after all those post holiday meals ahaha.

Here’s a few smoothie recipes to try out, they’re definitely not hard to make. Plus the all the ingredients are to be blended, not a lot of prep required!


Three ingredient Green Smoothies:

The easiest way to make Green smoothies is to think of the 3 step process: (1) Pick a leafy green vegetable; (2) Pick your choice of liquid; (3) Pick your choice of fruit (To naturally sweeten the mixture).

Below are ingredients of the image depicted above for when my sister made ours 🙂

  1. Choice of leafy green: Spinach (Good source of Vitamin A, Vitamin K, and Vitamin B12)
  2. Choice of liquid: Almond Milk (Since my sister is lactose intolerant)
  3. Choice of fruit: Oranges (Good source of Vitamin C)

Adobe Spark-18.jpg

Adobe Spark-20.jpg

Adobe Spark-19.jpg

Other great leafy greens: 

Adobe Spark-21.jpg

Other liquids:

Adobe Spark-22

Other awesome fruits:

Adobe Spark-23.jpg

How do you make your smoothies? Comment below!



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