IGI BBQ Grill & Sushi Bistro

Hi Friends!

Hope all is well. Here’s a quick review on a restaurant that I went with my fam jam awhile back.


It’s a cozy family oriented type of restaurant, with that robust BBQ scent. Haha, hence the BBQ grill aspect to it. The restaurant is perfect for any type of gathering you have, plus I believe you can plan a party there and have it rented out for that special event. The tables are also very spacious as well!


The servers are about average, they sit you down, take your order menu, bring the items out etc. Nothing too special here. I must say, the food does arrive quite quick since they are not preparing much for the items.


At this restaurant, you can either dine in and order, or have all you can eat (lunch and dinner). The fun part here is that you can cook your own food since it’s a shabu-shabu style type of restaurant! This is a Korean/Japanese inspired restaurant, so the sushi will be different. The sushi is great here though!  The servers show you how to operate the stove top in front of you, and they also occasionally lower and clean the surface for you as well. You can visit the website link below to access all the menu items and pricing before you visit the restaurant!

Website: http://igi-sushi.com

Overall, I would definitely recommend this location to a friend. Especially if you want to plan a get together with your friends or family. Be sure to note any allergies before arriving there, since you all will be all sharing a stove top!


Location: 1875 Pembina Hwy Unit 10, Winnipeg, MB R3T 2G7

Food shown: All you can eat (Lunch option)


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