Easy Prep Gnocchi

Hi Friends!

Prepping for meals can be a difficult task, especially when you have a limited amount of time to prepare the night before, or the morning of. This easy prep should not exceed 10 minutes! However, it’s more or less the ingredients being used are already pre-made haha. Gnocchi is made out of three main ingredients: eggs, flour and potatoes. Honestly if I wanted to, I could’ve made some on another day I was free and then freeze them for use towards other days.

Buuuut…I wanted to make this simple LOL.

Have you tried prepping? Let me know your methods!



Ingredient list:

  1. Premade Gnocchi (Costco –

    Pastificio Maffei)

  2. Choice of sauce (Walmart – Classico Alfredo, however I’m sure you can find this brand at other local grocery stores)
  3. Seasoning of choice (Walmart – Clubhouse: Herb & Garlic)
  4. Blanched vegetables can be added (ex. Broccoli, Cauliflower etc.)

For prepping:

  1. Boil the Gnocchi as per boxed instructions (mine took less than 5 minutes); as I was boiling the Gnocchi, I also proceeded onto heating up the sauce as well.
  2. If you plan to add vegetables to the mix, prepare them beforehand.
  3. Add seasoning once all ingredients have been put together, and that’s it!

For storage purposes:

It’s completely okay to put hot food in the refrigerator! The best way to ensure your food is safe is make sure that your food is kept out of the danger zones. That means…60°C or hotter for hot foods, and 4°C or colder for chilled foods. Danger zones will entitle any temperature in between.

I make sure to keep an ice pack in my lunch bag handy if I am unable to refrigerate my food, especially since bacteria can grow if your food is kept in the danger zone for more than 2 hours.

This rule of thumb usually ensures that any of my food prep is kept safe when I head over to school or work!

*Here’s an easy recipe for Gnocchi if you would like to create your own version: Here.



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