Why being Thankful is good for you.


Sometimes we use the word ‘thankful’ as being the sole excuse for everyone to gather amongst family and friends, to show gratitude, to show happiness, and best of all, to show love. However, I should excluded the word ‘excuse’ from my previous sentencing. Being able to have a gather of any sort and size should already be a blessing, especially when there are others out there who are unable to.

Being thankful is good for you.

  1. You are able to grow, and you’re well aware of your potential growth.
  2. You become more positive, and therefore optimistic with various outlooks.
  3. You are able to gain more insight, become more knowledgeable.
  4. You may resonate with others that you’ve forgotten in the past, and make mends.
  5. You realize a whole lot about the world around you, that you didn’t necessarily realize in the beginning.
  6. You are willing to accept and move on from things you never thought you could let go of. 
  7. You embrace change, and discover that remaining the same is not always a good thing. 

Being thankful, and all of its other meanings, also symbolizes amends to learned values, morality, and self concept.

Thankfulness becomes rather prominent in times where situations may be tough.

That is why being thankful is good for you, and should always be reminded from time to time.


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