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Have you ever heard of that ‘looking glass‘ effect? In which, we perceive ourselves as what others perceive us to be. Therefore, we attribute how we act, speak, our physical looks, etc., to be strongly correlated with what others perceive us to be.

Now think about that in terms about how maturity comes into play with how others perceive us. Better yet, how we perceive ourselves. Does that differ in another level?

I used to think that way, that the way some people perceived me to be mature, was how my behaviour should be.

When we were all young, we could all possibly say how naive each and every one of us were at one point in our lives. How we believed in things so easily, how we believed there was more good out there than the bad, even with how we perceived others. That youthfulness and innocence is what I connect with maturity.

Maturity isn’t always great. And that, I believe is quite important to realize. I wish I was able to differentiate a mature choice, versus a naive one. But then again, I wouldn’t have been able to experience or be introduced to those who are with me today.

Maturity will help you become more thankful, and better yet, more aware of future instances. I say this because a lot of the time, we forget to be thankful for what we have; and we sometimes are scared of making advances in life, even though we’ve been through something so similar before.

As we age, the time it takes every year, just to become one year older, causes us to not only grow, but to realize that our maturity also grows with us. It’s in our environment, the way we interact with others, and the way we even perceive ourselves. It’s a natural instinct that you can say grows with time. And sometimes, we fail to realize how mature we really can be, even with all the associated white noise that deflect us from our inner emotions, decision making, and how we react in certain situations.

You can still say that part of that ‘looking glass’ effect, may still come into play with what maturity also symbolizes.

However, that shouldn’t be something that resonates with you. 





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