Halloween 2017

Adobe Spark-92Happy Halloween friends!

I wasn’t able to post up anything Halloween related, for recipes. I don’t normally celebrate Halloween that much, I usually end up working or having to study/do an assignment. When I did work on a Halloween night at the mall, I loved seeing the costumes that the children would be dressed in; mall walking with their parents and asking for candy. It’s too cute to see the children walking about! I love that the malls are implementing a safe form of trick-or-treating. It would be nice if there were more places/areas doing this. Kind of like some areas where they have children walking about in senior folk homes. What a nice idea that is! Brings great company for those residing in those homes, and these children will be safe in doors and still be able to obtain their candy! Sadly, this year there won’t be handing out any candy at my place. However, I was able to carve some pumpkins with the boyfriend ahaha. I’m overall impressed with how easy it was to carve the pumpkins this year. Last time we carved pumpkins, we didn’t have a proper carving kit, nor did we have nice enough pumpkins to carve onto. The designs that I searched this year, were rather easy. My boyfriend ended up doing a Dragon Ball themed pumpkin with Goku as the main event. As for mine? It sort of looks like that guy from the Nightmare before Christmas? Or at least..that was what I was trying to attempt for it to look like. My other choice was to recreate a minion from Despicable Me. Judging from my photos on the left..my carving ended up becoming another version of that same character from the Nightmare before Christmas.

What did you guys end up carving for your pumpkins? Do you go all out with decorating?

Best, as always. 

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