CheeCha Puffs: A Review

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Hi friends!

I decided to do a quick review on a study snack that I recently picked up at a nearby Booster Juice location. You know when you have those days where you need something crunchy to eat? But…you don’t want to result into eating a bag and realizing that caloric mess? Well, I stumbled up these CheeCha puffs that were being sold at Booster Juice, so I grabbed one as I ordered by drink.

Here are the three categories I’m basing my review on:

Presentation: The package is very reflective, and it’s not overbearing of a design where you feel like you’re buying into a gimmick of a product. It about the same size as any other chip bag out there, and they did a really good job advertising the fact that only two cups is 87 calories. Whereas other brands, you’d be looking at possibly triple the amount. The price wasn’t too bad either, at $2.99 a pop.

Taste: It definitely has a cheese flavour to them, but it doesn’t taste as salty as some other brands that also have a triple cheese flavour. They also come in 6 other flavours I believe, link to their website can be linked here.

Texture: It’s very similar to a Cheeto. The major difference it that it has a more airy texture, so when you bite into one it’ll feel like you’re eating to a less dense version of a one. It also has a bit of a crunch to it, which is what I needed ahaha.

Other comments: I will say, you will have powdery fingers from eating these. Then again, you’d get the same sort of effect if you opted into eating a few Cheetos. Overall, I will probably repurchase again and try another flavour to switch things up. It’s a good study snack if you don’t want to be overly unhealthy about your choice 😉

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