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October is a month where my family celebrates three things. Two birthdays, and an anniversary. My father’s, my mother’s, and their wedding anniversary. To top it all off, those three dates correlate during the same week.

And each time every year, my sister and I choose a cake for my parents. This always results to us buying one designated cake to celebrate all three occasions; and probably including one of my pop’s most philosophical lines he’ll say on a daily basis.

Every year I see my pops smile a little more when waking up realizing it’s his birthday, and trying to mask his hidden excitement to see what my sister and I are about to give him. Every year I see my mom get all excited and dresses up just to go out and take pictures, then rest at home afterwards. Every year I realize that it’s that same child like behaviour I see from my parents, that I love to see the most during October.

Whenever we set up the cake in front of them, and fire up the one or two candles we saved up from the year before; it always brings me that child like excitement. Just being able to be altogether as a family, to light up and blow out some candles as we eat and watch TV, makes all of this memorable.

Then it dawns on me how so much has changed throughout the years, yet this same tradition still persists. We still find the time to get a cake for our parents and we still find the time to make sure we’re altogether to see them blow out the candles. Right down to the cumbersome routine in which we have our pop’s blow out the candles, trying not to have this imposed frown upon his face to hide away his smile. Or how my mom always insists on us taking a photo of her and the cake before she blows on the same candles we lit up for my dad.

These celebrations are worth it. To see all of that happen, and to be in the moment; even though it lasts about the same amount as the ‘happy birthday’ song. Celebrations like this spent with my family is what I am truly thankful for.

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