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“Why don’t you reason with me. Tell me, why don’t you believe in the word ‘sorry’?”

I look around, and stare back and I pause. “The act of forgiving is harder to accomplish, and with that, I’d rather work alongside the individual in order for them to earn that forgiveness. The word ‘sorry’ to me, is just a formality, not an affirmative action.”

The person stumbles around to gather their own thoughts, and starts talking about their own weaknesses and how much they’ve grown once they’ve heard the other person apologize by simply saying the word ‘sorry’. The individual finally ends their notion with the response of, “I know it’s a formality, but why be so harsh? Why wouldn’t you just accept things and move on?”

From that I comment, and look into their eyes and say, “Because I’ve realized that even though it is just a word, I was not feeling that accomplishing factor of anything being resolved.”

“But those important people can be loved ones, close friends, people with whom you’ve known for a long time!” the individual proclaimed back.

“I’ve forgiven those people for things that I wouldn’t have let others get away with. And from that you realize that the ones who I always put down, are actually the ones I should be close to.” Theres a pause between the both of us; and I continue on with saying, “I’ve let that happen with them using their words to give me that gratification, when really, I wasn’t gaining anything from it.”

And unapologetically, I look back at the individual and plainly say, “Sorry.”




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