Cognitive Dissonance

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I find it troubling how we all have this impeded notion of being cognitively dissonance with how we perceive things. Whether we are aware of it or not, our cognitive dissonance underlies with our beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours.

The fact that even the slightest amount of a reward system (if given), skews our need to justify our effort when we are posed to act in a way that is against our own will. However, when we do act freely, we allow ourselves to undergo the consequences in part that we know that what may potentially cause harm can not always be undo. Instead, we have hopes that we are able to undo our actions to match with our initial beliefs; therefore justifying our stand points.

Troubling enough, when the exact opposite occurs; and we find ourselves stuck in a situation that induces our paradigm of what our beliefs, attitudes and behaviours were skewed upon. We instead choose to continue our justifications, in order to make mends with all the efforts we engaged towards our perceived choices.

Why does it seem like when the ‘nice’ person engages in a negative behaviour it’s not as bad?

Why does it seem like when the ‘bad’ person engages in the same negative behaviour as the ‘nice’ person, that he or she is deemed as having a more extreme form of negativity?

These questions also go vice versa when it comes to anything we have come to justify that is right in our minds. Even with the insufficient justifications, we choose to perceive it to be alright because we chose that cognitive dissonance to begin with. In addition, we feel the need to justify why we chose our actions, even if it was not good to begin with. Or when our perceived choice has not given the gratuity for us.

Cognitive dissonance brings us that psychological discomfort, in which we end up trying to balance out the consonances we experience.

That counter-attitudinal’ behaviour leads to insufficient justification, having aversive consequences, taking responsibility of the outcomes, and being committed to the behaviour; which is what all was poses the troubling nature of growing up in life.

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