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What scares me the most, is having a fear. Not a mediocre type of fear, but fear itself. As a word, as it defines, as a whole; having a fear scares me the most. But without fear, I wouldn’t be able to make the decisions I’ve made. Without fear, I wouldn’t be able to identify opportunities, or valuable learning experiences.

Thinking about it now, I feel like people internalize fear and have it hidden within themselves up until the day we die. Fear is prominent, and always persistent. Whether we think about it or not, that fear is evidently there. Beside us, among us, within us. That fear resonates.

Many of us keep it so far hidden, that we project ourselves to be a different demeanour than others. We exclude our own feelings of fear, in order to protect ourselves; from any hurt, from any consequences, from any negativities. We choose to hide that fear.

Instead, we walk around with the utmost independent attitude. We laugh, and we mock those who show their fears among others. We ridicule and recite negativity to those who are deemed ‘weak’ in society for showing they have to fear. Society doesn’t allow us to fully express or be at peace with our fears. And sadly, that is why fear itself is also ‘feared’.

Feared, in a way that it cannot be expressed.

Feared, in a way that it is not acceptable.

Feared in a way, that is comparable to being different, and not the same as others.

Feared in a way, that we must all act and feel the same to be accepted.


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