Tips for Picky Eaters

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Hi Friends!

Here’s a quick post on my experience with picky eaters, and of my tips as to how to deal with them 😉 No matter the age, or cultural background, I’m sure one of these tips will benefit all. The list below has been narrowed down to five tips, ones that I find that I tend to gravitate towards the most.


Tips for Picky Eaters:

Adobe Spark-50.jpgHave patience. I cannot stress this enough to people, patience is key to the success of getting a picky eater to eat. Antagonizing the individual, simply because he or she will not try a food, not only will stress you out, but the person as well! It takes time to get used to something new, but not everyone is keen on accepting changes.

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Start of small. It’s best to start of small…don’t overdue it with introducing the food item/meal towards the individual. Depending on the age, it’s hard to introduce certain foods, and different palettes. Slowly introduce the individual with a small portion, even if it’s a thumb sized amount.

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Be Creative. Create food that is familiar with the individual, but hide the food that you want them to try. I know it sounds sleazy, but really…what they don’t know, won’t hurt them right? Make sure you know if there is any known allergies to food. Always make sure that whomever you cook for knows as well. Sometimes, this way it makes it more appetizing and appealing to them.

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Do not force them, if they do not want to try it at first. I find that there are many people out there, especially parents, that choose to force and scold their child or the individual to have to eat the food. Not only does this stress out the initial person implementing this; but it does create a negative reaction towards the person you are giving that food to. You do not want to have that negative association with food and that individual. It’s best to make them feel welcomed to come try the food at their own pace, and their own time. Do not force that upon them, since this may also jeopardize future attempts for other food items!

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Don’t give up on the individual! Persistence is key my friends, and it will all be worthwhile once you get that person to actually try something new. Of course every food item will be a different situation. However, by keeping focus and persistent with having the individual try out a new food item; eventually all your hard work will by paid off in the end! Therefore, creating and building a stronger relationship towards you and the individual when it comes for food experiences.

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