Adobe Spark-35.jpgSometimes knowing someone for a long time can pose difficulties. The more you grow with an individual, the more you learn about them. Their habits, their actions, their overall personality. And with that, you recognize many of the negatives. Like how they respond to an opinion of yours, or how they act towards a friend they do not like of yours. All of these factors are a result of simply knowing that particular individual, for that set amount of time.

What I find rather strange, is of our lack of appreciation in the long run depreciates. I’m not saying it happens concurrently, or as frequent. But it happens enough for there to be recognition for it.

I wonder what we lack that sort of appreciation for an individual after so long. I wonder why we only act and feel the way we do in the beginning and strain from our emotions with time.

Shouldn’t we all feel more of that potential growth with someone? Shouldn’t we all feel that sort of gratituity for being with said person for all this time?