What’s the point of Face Serums?

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Here’s another topic I would like to address all fellow ladies and gents when it comes to serums. These are all strictly opinion based, followed by a few helpful resources that I will be linking below.

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  1. What are serums? Serums are more concentrated forms of skincare. Since they are more concentrated, these types of skincare tends to penetrate the skin at a much faster rate. Therefore, the absorption of a serum would be faster than a lotion or a cream. The take home point here is, serums are meant to retain that moisture in your skin, but shouldn’t be used to completely replace your normal moisturizer!
  2. When do you use them? Generally serums are to be used before you moisturize your face, or after you use an essence. (What is an essence? ..Now that’s another topic.) My rule of thumb is always have the most concentrated (more liquid in texture) first, before applying the thicker textures such as creams. 
  3. Are there different formulas? Yes there is. A serum can be liquid based, or 50:50 ratio with a lotion and liquid.
  4. Can I use more than one serum? Yes you can. There honestly should be a limit as to how many to use in one day. The general rule of thumb here is to limit yourself to two serums. One can be used during the day, and one can be used during the night time.
  5. How much serum do I apply on my face? A pea sized amount is normally what I suggest to my clients, any more than that would be way too much for your face! Make sure to massage the serum to your décolleté (neckline).
  6. Does the brand and price really matter, when it comes to serums? Ideally yes. You wouldn’t want to apply something that is cheap onto the face right..? Of course, there are affordable serums out there that can be found at the drugstore. So have no fear, there’s always an affordable serum out there for everyone 🙂 Serums are usually the next step to any skincare newbie’s routine. The price may escalate, however there is a reason behind it! The ingredients, the different properties it corrects, it’s at a much higher upscale than just cleansing and toning your face!
  7. How long does a 30 ml vs. 50 ml bottle of serum, last for? A 30 ml should last about a month, give or take, depending on how much you use on your face. That includes day and night routine as well. I base it off the ml amount, 10 ml per month is what I roughly estimate on. Then again, a pea sized amount can be different in other people’s eyes..so it really depends!
  8. What’s the difference between an eye serum vs. eye creamThis answer is applicable to what question number one answered. It is more concentrated, but note that it will not replace a moisturizing eye cream. This is why I suggest layering up an eye serum and then using an eye cream on top to maximize hydration  and prevent dryness. It is completely optional, if you are beyond the realms of a skincare newbie, I would definitely suggest this!
  9. Are there serums that are non-comedogenic? Of course there is! Ask your in store beauty advisor, or search up online for face serums that provide the features/ingredients best for you. It’s always good to make sure you know your research, or you ask before purchasing. Beauty advisors are here to help! 
  10. I have rosacea (redness of the skin), are there serums out there for skin like mine? Yes, there definitely is! The only thing is that you would now need to be extra careful for any active ingredients. Active ingredients include those that stimulate the skin. Ask your beauty advisor for any suggestions, and make sure to search up particular brands and serums of your liking! In the end of the day, we know what’s best for our skin. Make sure you’re aware of what you apply onto your face!

Now for the types of serums, I normally suggest serums based on these four categories:

  1. Colour correcting, which includes: sallowness, uneven skin tone, scarring, freckles, etc.
  2. Anti-aging
  3. Brightening/Radiance
  4. Skin type: Dry, oily, normal/combination, all skin-types

Serums can come packed with other nutritive ingredients and awesome empowering ingredients to boost the look of your skin. Some can contain all four categories, some can be individualized and have it’s sole purpose for only helping to correct one of these categories. It completely depends on what concerns you have for your skin!

My serums used at the moment include: Genifique and Energie De Vie, read up my reviews for Genifique and Energy De Vie!







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