I don’t believe in forgiveness. And here’s why.

Many would say, that I must have these altered views of forgiveness because I, myself, have gotten hurt. Truth is, yes. I did get hurt, multiple times. And that makes everyone human, and with that in mind, trust becomes a big issue. Forgiveness to me is pointless; especially in an act of nature from which whom the person meant their actions. It upsets me whenever I hear a person say, just say you’re sorry, just apologize. My answer is no, I refuse to apologize, I refuse to say sorry. I’d rather show them my own way, or in relation, my version of apologizing to someone.

The thing is, whatever I may have done, whatever I might have said. I meant it. I mean it. I don’t refrain from it, I planned it. I am just as responsible for my actions, as any other person out there.

So why would I say sorry? Why would I see a need to apologize? That partial trust, or that whole trust is completely lost. I’d rather work my way up to earn that trust. I’d rather use my actions to protray who I truly am, to show them that I am truly sorry.

Words are just words.

But actions…actions bring those words to life. It shows a more meaningful message. It shows that you care enough to do something, rather than stay planar and just say a word or paragraph of an apology.

And for all those reasons. I don’t believe in forgiveness.