I’ve been consistent and at pace with how much I’ve grown. But what poses with the amount of growth I’ve overcome, had also led to inconsistencies as well. The thing about growth, and of all the nitty gritty aspects of what occurs; is that growth can be both positive and negative. I say this because with every negative factor, there will be a positive one occurring. Maybe not during that same incremental time, but eventually, yes, it will.

Growth is difficult, and requires help. That help can come in many forms, and does not necessarily mean that there needs to be a person present alongside you. The requirement of an individual always being present can be quite tiresome, and quite frankly, be the reason there are negatives that landslide with our potential growth.

I also say this because with growth, we have that fear. That fear that correlates with our growth, which also happens to be what attracts us to maintain that sort of ‘help’ that we think we need. I feel that a lot of the time, we individualize with the fact that we cannot grow without someone there with us. We fail to understand and confuse our ‘help’ to be in the form of another individual being present.

Help that can come in many forms, is not always present. With that being said, we either have not discovered it yet, or we are too wound up with being reliant on someone else.

The truth is, why do we all feel that need to be reliant on someone else, in order to grow?

We conceptualize this factor from when we are born, from when we grow up and age. However, growing up and aging is not what individualized inner growth is. It’s a component yes, but not what growth signifies.

I guess we all have different rationalized opinions of what we define growth as. Growth should be personal, and may start off significantly small. As a take home point out of all of this is that you should not let any forms of growth fool you.

Embrace the change, embrace any negativities that may correspond from it, and more importantly learn from that growth.


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