Was change hard for you?

Change was hard.

Change came in ways that I could’ve even explain. Change happened as I grew, but change happened with a friend. Change happened when I got older, but so did change when it came to reality and my lifestyle. 

Change was always there, and it was always down on me hard. 

So was change more negative to you?

No, change was not more negative to me. Change grew with me, it taught me. It individualized me, it made me understand. Change was never negative to me, and even if I had believed that it was once or twice; I still believed that change was more positive in my life. 

You identify change as if it was a person. Why is that?

Change is within every person, even yourself. Change became a part of me and shaped me to the person I am today. Without change, I believe that no one will get anywhere. They will always stay planar in their life, there will be nothing there to challenge them. Imagine a world without any change, there will simply be nothing new that will occur. We will all simply be the same. No individuality, no personalization.

Change is not a person. More of a metaphor to describe a person. 

– A interview with yourself.