3 Questions You Should Ask Before You Find a Foundation.

Hi Friends!

Here are some rookie mistakes that I find people often forget to ask whenever they are in a search for their perfect foundation! Ask yourself these questions, and always make sure that your local beauty advisor knows of them as well 🙂

Question number one: What type of coverage do I want for my foundation? 

Pro tip! It’s important to identify which type of coverage you would like for your foundation since there are so many different brands and textures out there! By knowing the type of coverage, it often goes down to how you’d like it to feel on your face. 

Here’s a quick run down on the type of coverage:

  1. Light coverage. You hardly have any skin imperfections, however you would like to even out your face. Suggestions: BB Cream, CC Cream, or EE Cream
  2. Medium coverage. You may or may not have any skin imperfections that you would like to cover, however you still want some of your natural skin to show. Suggestions: Light weight foundation (different from light coverage, it’s the texture you’re trying to find here), usually dewy or semi matte finish foundations are these types.
  3. High coverage. You may or may not have any skin imperfections that you would like to cover, however you’d like your face to be fully covered. That means, you don’t want none of your natural skin to show. Suggestions: 24HR. or an 8HR. Foundation, that comes in either matte or dewy finish. 

Question number two: Do I have any skin problems that I would like to address when finding my foundation?

Here’s a quick break down for what this means..

  1. You have acne prone skin. Suggestion: Try a foundation that contains Salicylic acid in it.
  2. You have redness, such as Rosaecea. Suggestion: Try a medium or high coverage foundation, depending on how your redness is. 
  3. You have Dry skin. Suggestion: Find a hydrating foundation, or find one with a dewy finish. If you prefer a matte look, opt for a semi-matte finish; that way your skin won’t feel completely dry. Pro tip! Primer is a dry skin individual’s best friend.
  4. You have Oily Skin. Suggestion: Find a matte finish foundation

Question number three: What type of application would you like your foundation to come in?

This basically means, asking yourself if you would prefer the foundation to be in a:

  1. Pump bottle form
  2. Squeeze tube
  3. Cushion
  4. Stick

If you ask yourself these questions and do some research before the initial shopping trip, it’ll definitely save you a lot of time! Note that you still would have to try out the products in store to help you answer some of the questions, however that is what us beauty advisors are here to help!

Happy shopping!


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