‘Staycation’ Essentials

Hi Friends!

It looks like August is coming right around the corner, which means back to school, back to work, well…pretty much back to reality haha. Why not enjoy a day or two and plan a staycation for one? Whenever I do have a day off, I always stay productive. Which means that I usually end up doing something LOL. I’ve rounded up some essentials that you should try out on your own version of a ‘staycation’. 

Essential number one: Sleep in. Like literally do it. Maybe not too late, you still want to be able to do more throughout the day. However, a good sleep in is always the best. Plus YOU deserve it aha.

Essential number two: Try cooking up an easy recipe. Emphasis on the ‘easy’ part, you’re supposed to enjoy your staycation. Not stress out with anything complicated. (The picture below has the pesto sauce I made from my ‘Easy to Make Pesto’, check it out if you haven’t!)

Essential number three: Read up a few chapters of a book you’ve been slacking on for reading! I love to read a few chapters whenever I can. I find it improves your grammar, and better yet, catches your attention. (Looking of a good book to read? Check out my ‘Page Turners’ category for my reviews!)

Essential number four: Watch a movie on Netflix. Does anyone have trouble finding a good movie on Netflix? I sure do. I find that it takes me foreveeeeer to find a movie. But when you’re at home, you have plenty of time LOL.

Essential number five: Do a quick workout routine at home. Lately I’ve been really into Zumba..even though I suck, it’s still fun! Try looking up videos on YouTube, there should be a video for you worth trying.

Essential number six: Create an awesome music playlist. I love listening to music and creating a playlist! If you’re a drinker, I’d suggest doing this at night and drinking that glass of wine…or two..hahahah.

Essential number seven: Take a bath and use of those bath bombs, or if you’re not into all that; at least take a shower. It’ll make you feel even more relaxed, even though you’ve been inside all day 😛

What are you essentials? Comment below!


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