Choosing the right Skincare for you: A Guide

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Whenever I help out a client at work, they often ask, ‘How do you know what skin care is best for me?”, or ‘How do I know what skin type I am?’ or even, ‘I don’t know what skin care product I use at home.’. Skincare is a personal regime for any individual, and is completely personalized when it comes to products. Your skin will not be the same as others, even if you are related, or even a friend. Your skin and how it reacts to products and of it’s sensitivity, will be different.

Here’s a made up guide that I use to help my clients (note that these are just my opinion, if I use external sources it will be listed below).

Choosing the right Skincare for you: A Guideline.

Skincare buying mistakes! There will be skincare mistakes, but it’s definitely possible to avoid them! Let me start off with those mistakes that I find most common:

Thinking you have oily skin. I get a lot of clients that come up to me asking for skincare that is meant of ‘oily skin’ since they feel that their skin is ‘oily’. Please, please, please look in the mirror! Are you glowing? Like truly wet looking all over your face? Sorry, mind the mild sarcasm. If not, chances are, you’re thinking that you’re oily because of your evident shine on your T-Zone area. Here’s a quick picture obtained from here, to show you what I mean by T-Zone area: 


If your face gets oily in your T-Zone, chances are you’re Normal/Combination skin. If you were truly oily, you’d be oily all over your face. Most people get confused about this important fact. And often forget to mention exactly ‘when’ their oiliness occurs. I usually follow up by asking ‘when’ they get oily, and majority of the time the answer is: Throughout the day. That is an important indicator for me that the person is not exactly oily, but instead, Normal/Combination. It makes a BIG difference when it comes to what skincare product that I can suggest for them!

It’s ok to have a price point on how much you want to spend. It definitely is! If you truly have a budget, then make sure you search up some brands/products you’d like to try out that are within your price point range! Mind you, usually the higher priced product is generally better for your skin. Which goes to my next point…

Not all expensive skincare products will work on ‘your’ skin. Especially if it has added benefits such as anti-aging, or colour correcting, of course you’d want to purchase the more expensive product; because we’re all taught to believe that the more expensive it is the better! However, the most expensive skincare may also break out your skin as well. That is why it’s always important to research is necessary, or at least ask a beauty advisor to have a skincare consultation to diagnose what products you may be able to use. However, again, it is trial and error. But as an ending note, there will always be a skincare product within an individual’s price point range, and it’s definitely ok to start off with a least expensive product!

Soap and water just won’t cut it. If you use soap and water to clean your face, you are in dire need of a skincare regime refresh! Normal soap pulls at your skin, making it tighter. And as I mentioned in my previous post (Triple Empties Haul: Skincare), that tightness feeling is not a good thing. This means your skin lacks it’s natural oils, which will cause possible breakouts, and excessive oiliness on your skin! If you’re afraid of changing all at once, start off with a cleanser! A cleanser cleans your face and keeps the hydration intact on your skin. Remember hydration is key. Even a simple change from soap and water to cleanser and water will make a difference in how your skin looks and feels!
You don’t have to use ‘one’ brand of skincare to satisfy all of your skincare problems. I find that my clients believe that you should only use one brand for your skin. It’s not always the case though. Yeah, you want to keep your skin happy and stay within a skincare line so you don’t break out. But chances are, there will be a product within that same line, that may break you out in the end anyways. Using other brands is definitely ok as well. I for one like to use different brands as well to change things up. Yes, I’m loyal to L’Oreal branded products. However a change up hear and there is ok. Just like make up, you can’t just stick to one type!

Don’t feel forced to buy a skincare product. There will be new skincare products all the time, with technology and other innovations

So you’ve made it through the end, with all the common mistakes! So what’s next? The actual guideline when you drop in store or online!

  1. Do your research online. It makes it easier for you when you go into the store to find it. I always tell my clients that it’s best to do their research and then go in store to have a consultation, since they can really benefit from trying the product, instead of buying it online and having to risk returning it. Plus, depending on the store you go to; you can get an awesome beauty advisor like myself to help you out 😉
  2. Know what skincare products you use (if you have any) and be prepared to say it when your beauty advisor asks for it. It helps us a lot to not only get the correct skincare product for you to try, but to also understand your skincare history. Plus as an added bonus, we will be able to show you new products if you keep coming to us 😀
  3. Start off small! You don’t necessarily need to buy a a whole set of skincare, start off small. If you have to buy one item, purchase either a cleanser or moisturizer.
  4. Try the product on the back of your hand to see if you like the texture and smell of the product. Yes, it’s not on your face…but many stores have an awesome return policy. That way, if you do get a reaction, you can always return it (within its return policy dates).

And lastly, have fun with it! Always make sure to keep your skincare type in mind, and always note that in the end of the day, you are responsible for what gets applied onto your skin!



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