Silence. Quiet. No one around. Loneliness can be described by those three words. However, people think that being sedentary and by yourself is what poses what it means to be lonely. What I find rather lonely, is being surrounded by many people, with whom you have similarities with, and realizing that you don’t belong.

That belongingness.

That is what I contribute with loneliness. A sense of belonging. You can be surrounded by hundreds of people, and still, feel lonely.

At least when you’re by yourself, you can collect numerous thoughts and be able to calm your own well-being. Sadly, being grouped or having been with people in which you don’t truly belong with, also creates a greater form of loneliness. 

I don’t think people have realized the various forms in comes in.78cd5110ac5f32d6b3143bb204cb6f26


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