Review: Butterbeer

Hi Friends!

As promised, I have a post dedicated to that must have drink when you check out the designated Harry Potter themed segment at Universal Studios! I loved the scenery of the place there, all the shops and food places inside the area looked like you were in the movie itself LOL. You can find the Butterbeer only in the Harry Potter themed areas, and they’re sold in carts or in a Butterbeer brewery.


It’s not too sweet in my opinion, and you can definitely taste the butterscotch in it. I loved the frozen on the best because of it’s texture, and made it more of a ice-cream to me ahaha.


Has an amber colour to it, and the top is white from the butterscotch added


It comes either chilled (which is just the liquid with the topped frothy butterscotch), or frozen (which has a more dense texture, and has the frothy butterscotch on top). Also, it comes in only one size only. There’s no upgrade or downgrade in sizing for this!



I’ve been thinking of recreating a version of this at home! This awesome recipe from Sandra Lee looks like a simplified version that I’d like to try.

Recipe and instructions can be found here: Butterbeer Recipe

Hopefully I try it out one of these days!

Have any of you tried it yet? Comment below!


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