What’s good, Universal Studios?

Hi again friends!

To continue onto the various subtopics of places I went during my trip, here’s a pre-post as to the other uploads I’ll be posting up! There were only two places for Universal Studios that I went to, the original one, and of Adventure Islands.

As for overall comments about Universal Studios, I found out that the PROS were:

  1. Shorter wait times! I stress this completely since Disney had the worst wait times ever! (Mind you, we did go during July 4th. Likewise, days that are deemed as not as busy should be better?)
  2. Rides are more for adolescents and adults. The majority of the rides were 3D.
  3. More rides than Disney.
  4. Even if you wait, there is AC and misting fans everywhere! Such a relief, really.
  5. Still has lots of picture taking spots around each place.
  6. You can also meet Universal Studio characters like the Transformers etc.

And you all know once again…with every PRO, there’s always a correlating CON:

  1. When parking fills up, you will not be able to enter. This happened for Volcano Bay (which we never even bothered with going into)
  2. Very crowded. Even though the wait times were shorter, there seemed to be more people crowding.
  3. The crowding leads to my next con, which is of how big it is. It’s not that big in comparison to Disney, however like I said, there were more rides.

Be prepared for the upcoming posts! And onto some picture previews 🙂


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