What’s good, Disney World?

Just returned from my trip to Disney World with my sister and cousins! We ended up going to all four Disney World locations: Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Magical Kingdom. There will be individualized posts for all the locations up soon!

As for overall comments about Disney World, I found out that the PROS were:

  1. You get to go on awesome rides!
    • Some are children friendly…not so fun, more like a Tinkertown type of esque.
  2. There are many Disney Character foods to try!
    • From Mickey Mouse pretzels, to cupcakes styled as Minions, Disney Princesses and more 😛
  3. Lots of awesome picture taking spots
    • Perfect for taking photos for your Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Snapchat, or whatever social platform you use LOL
    • Plus there are also many photographers that surround each location that can take perfect shots for you..at a cost of course..(but you can save them on your phone with your Disney Pass!
  4. Meet your favourite Disney Character!
    • We ended up meeting Goofy, Minnie and Mickey Mouse and Snow White!

And you all know…with every PRO, there’s always a correlating CON:

  1. Be prepared for LONG, and I mean very LOOOONG wait times
    • Make sure to map out the rides you want to go to first; consider which rides are more popular, and make sure to wear comfortable shoes because I assure you…you’ll be standing for quite a long period of time for some rides
  2. It’s crowded, SUPER crowded
    • Disney’s the world’s greatest place to be at right? So be prepared to see lots of people of all ages, and a whole lot of cranky children aha
  3. Rides will close down if the weather permits
    • That means you need to make sure when it will rain, and to ride the ones that are outdoor…since it will close down when it’s raining

Be prepared for the upcoming posts! Below are a few picture previews 🙂


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