Starbucks: Strawberry Acai

It’s always fun to check out certain franchises to see if they differ in menu items in comparison to your local areas 🙂 Apparently in Orlando, they sell Mickey mouse cupcakes, glass Starbucks drink containers with the Orlando destination, and the Strawberry Acai.


(Starbucks @ Disney’s Epcot):

This location is very spacious; there were a total of four cashiers, readily available to take your order. The rest of the crew were making the drinks or heating/obtaining food. I loved the layout since it was quite large inside. AND ventilated, AC is a must. The food was shown in a much larger containment since the desserts and sandwiches were all laid out. They also had pre-packed sandwiches, fruit/meat platters, and various other drinks that you wouldn’t normally find in Canada per say. They also had a mini water dispenser for guests to use.

(Starbucks @ Orlando’s International Airport):

I didn’t really need to talk about this location, since I found that the Starbucks locations at Disney were much more appealing to me. However, I did purchase another Strawberry Acai before catching a plane to Toronto…lol. Nothing much to say about the location other than its small, and you won’t be seeing those cute Disney character cupcakes like at Disney 😛


My sister and I were only able to taste the Strawberry Acai, hence the title for this post. It kind of reminded me of the berry sangria that was once served at Starbucks in Canada. Not as sweet though, and I did like that there were strawberries in it, The overall look for the drink looked cute and appealing…especially for pictures 😉 Another plus, it’s still caffeinated.

Bottom line…I cannot wait to check out other Starbucks locations to see if they offer anything special 🙂

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