Support is hard to come by. I truly feel the hurt that others encounter when they do not have the proper support they need, regardless of the the situation, or the outcome. After numerous of tribulations in my life, I’ve come to realize that support can present itself in many ways. Sometimes, it can even easily leave you hanging onto something for much longer than expected, in hopes that you too will regain that support.

The support that you think you need, and the support you feel you’ve earned, is not always readily available. It’s not always going to happen as you perceive it to be, no matter how many times that you’ve given that support towards a stranger, to an outstanding cause, or even someone close to you.

Why do we risk losing even more, just to be helped in the long run?

Perceptions like this have made me realize how much nearer I am towards what is clearly obvious. Support is hard to come by. Just like people, just like opportunities, just like self identity. Support comes and goes. You as an individual remains the dominating factor in all this, but not all have this underlying supportive nature.

Support is ambiguous and an open subject; and unlike any other stepping stone in life, it’s something I have yet to figure out myself.


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