People always tell me to let things go. To not hold grudges. To move on from tribulations that were deemed negative in my life. However what poses these remarks? Why is there such a concern of moving on, when there’s also such a concern of making a situation bigger than it is? 

Truth is, things shouldn’t be let go. People should remember what has happened. People should withhold negativities that have added certain burdens to their lives. 

Without these so called grudges and withholding behaviour, we won’t learn from them. We won’t make use from what has happened. Or even worse, we do nothing about it.

I don’t see the negativity in holding a grudge. Or of how long an individual may hold their feelings in for. It takes more than just time to let things go. And it takes more than just simply saying so, to make things better. The only negative of all of this is how we let things control us. Holding grudges, holding feelings, these emotions should not defy us. 

It shouldn’t relate to how we handle ourselves. Perceive ourselves. Cohere with others. 

No. These emotions should help us understand. Build identity. And allow us to want to change if necessary.