My Beauty Fave for the Month of June

Hi friends! Since the month of June is almost coming to an end, I wanted to share with you guys a skincare favourite of mine 😉 

My skincare routine (after cleansing and toning my skin) usually revolves around the type of serum I’m using. It’s an important step that I find that many women neglect whenever I ask them what takes part in their own skincare regime. 

Here’s a quick 101 on serums:

  1. Serums helps your skin to absorb your favourite moisturizers more effectively. Many women ask me why this is important…and I always tell them, ‘do you want to make use of your moisturizer? Or waste it completely…ahaha’. No really though, you end up using much less of your typically amount of moisturizer when you use a good serum. Plus, it leads me to my second point..
  2. Serums are more concentrated. More concentrated means more results right? I guess you can say that since the serums are then able to penetrate your skin at a much faster rate than creams. The reason behind this is of its liquid texture; liquid = absorbs quickly, moisturizer = thicker texture, therefore longer time to penetrate your skin. However, do not neglect your creams though! Those moisturizers help hydrate your face, hence the moisturizer aspect to the name.
  3. Serums come in various formulas to suit your skin type! However, note that serums should not replace your everyday moisturizer. Serums are generally not as moisturizing, but it definitely has its awesome perks!

My go to serum for this month is…drum roll..jk…GENEFIQUE serum from Lancôme! 

Mine has completely met its end of the road, a 50 ml of this little guy can only hold up for so long :,( (R.I.P to my 50 ml Genefique).

Genefique is the number one serum sold at my counter, the best part is, you can use any of your other skincare products with this little guy. 

Product information obtained from the Lancôme website:

Advanced Génifique is our #1 serum for younger-looking and radiant skin. 
The 1st step in every beauty routine, Advanced Génifique Serum targets the 10 key signs of youthful-looking skin: 

• texture 

• resiliency 


• firmness 

• sagginess 

• fine lines 

• wrinkles 

• radiance 

• even skin tone 

• clarity. 
Drop by drop, skin feels younger at your fingertips. 
For every woman: all ages and ethnicities. Clinically proven results.
My own results:

  1. I use this twice daily, morning and evening. I always find that my face looks more radiant looking in the morning upon using this product in combination with my visionnaire cream or whichever moisturizer I use that day.
  2. I find that my face looks more even toned, and a slight reduction of redness on my nose area. The reason why I find only a slight reduction is because I find that my DreamTone #1 reduces my redness more dramatically (too sad it’s being discontinued though..weeeh)
  3. I use much less of my moisturizer, no galloped amounts as per usual ahaha
  4. My skin feels more supple and smoother 
  5. Without the use of the serum, I tend to feel less hydrates. Also, I tend to use much more of my moisturizer to compensate, which is not always a good thing.
  6. My face looks brighter and more awake!

What’s your favourite skincare product to use? Comment below!


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