Patio Season has arrived!

So…patio season has arrived, and guess where me and Trevor went to first again?

Browns Social Clubhouse, located in Transcona of course ahaha.


I love the patio at this location, its not too big, and not too small..if that makes sense? There’s even a mini fireplace for those late nights as well. Plus they can also bring heat within the whole patio area, and not just the side where the fireplace is located at. They have drapes to cover the area if you would like; the drapes tend to be annoying when it’s windy out though. I like the table setting there because I don’t feel like the wind is hitting me that hard (when it’s windy) compared to at the Stella’s rooftop patio located down Pembina ahaha.


Very quick service, you always feel welcomed there. Lately Trevor and I have been getting pretty awesome service LOL.


The food has gotten better there I must admit. Compared to last year, the menu has definitely changed? Or at least I think it has. The drink specials there are pretty good, and they’re at a good price as well.

Food shown: nachos, california roll and chicken wings WITH blue cheese sauce, drinks (mimosa and lager)

Location: 1750 Plessis Rd #200 · (204) 222-1600

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