Ready to shake up the Matte Lipsticks?

We finally received the new Matte shakers, and the matching waterproof lip liners! I love our layout in the store too, but too bad we didn’t have the liners when I took the photo ahaha. All but two colours (which were the nudes), are hard to come off. Therefore, you know that the other 5 colours will definitely hold up any drinking, eating, etc. I don’t have any photos of swatches as of right now…however CoffeeBreakWithDani has an awesome swatch video!

An onto the photos 🙂 (Photos taken are owned by me, unless otherwise stated)

Here’s a Commericial 😉

Taken from the Lancome website:

Soft Matte – High Pigmentation Liquid Lipstick – Addictive Colors

Your lips have never been that bold with our opaque and highly pigmented matte shades.  
This matte liquid lipstick formula is comfortable and non-drying on the lips that you can barely feel it.  

Shake the product to soak the addictive and super soft cushion applicator to apply Matte Shaker liquid lipstick with precision for a saturated and higly pigmented look.

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