5 Places to indulge in your inner Foodie

I’ll start my list from my fifth choice to my first 😉 The ideas for my list came to me from numerous searches on Google, to my own actual experiences. I hope you guys will benefit from these places!

Enjoy 🙂

Five: BDI

Grab a sundae and at BDI which opens every summer to the public!


Four: Stellas

I’ve posted about this place numerous times LOL. I stand by this place though..my favourite location is the one located near Provencher Blvd (Stella’s au CCFM). Theres even tables located outside and entertainment during some nights. Loooove the salmon benny there, breakfast is served all day too 😉


Three: Chocoberry Dessert House

Enjoy a cute date night place, where you can indulge in your inner sweet tooth! This place offers chocolate fondue for fruits, matcha flavoured desserts, and variety of other sweets that will satisfy your sweet cravings. Oh yeah, and they have chocolate syringes too LOL.


Two: DeLucas

Learn how to demonstrate your newfound cooking abilities by attending a cooking class at DeLucas!


One: The Food Studio

Attend one of the classes held at the Food Studio! It’s such a homey vibe, it legit looks like a house from the outside and comes equipped with a full accessible kitchen! The dining area is an awesome area for having a group or a small party at. The owner allows reservation to be held at the location where you can learn to cook, eat, and drink wine if you’d like 😉




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