The Best Kind of People: Zoe Whittall

Synopsis obtained from Good Reads:

What if someone you trusted was accused of the unthinkable?

George Woodbury, an affable teacher and beloved husband and father, is arrested for sexual impropriety at a prestigious prep school. His wife, Joan, vaults between denial and rage as the community she loved turns on her. Their daughter, Sadie, a popular over-achieving high school senior, becomes a social pariah. Their son, Andrew, assists in his father’s defense, while wrestling with his own unhappy memories of his teen years. A local author tries to exploit their story, while an unlikely men’s rights activist attempts to get Sadie onside their cause. With George locked up, how do the members of his family pick up the pieces and keep living their lives? How do they defend someone they love while wrestling with the possibility of his guilt?

With exquisite emotional precision, award-winning author Zoe Whittall explores issues of loyalty, truth, and the meaning of happiness through the lens of an all-American family on the brink of collapse.

My Review:

This book has a similar setting like ‘The Nest’ by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney. It gives you a lot of insight about trust, family, and of love. It’s a bit confusing in the beginning, but later becomes more clear when you get to know the characters in the story. It’s also more of a quick read in my opinion, but the author was able to depict the challenges of each character in this book really well. Each chapter made you more interested in finding out why the things are the way they are, especially once you read the first few chapters. The title itself also describes a whole new meaning, as you progress into the book.


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