Birthday Dinners at Moxies

A friend of mine recently celebrated her birthday at Moxies. This is where I insert the food pictures of what was ordered 😉

The first picture shows a mosaic dip (goat cheese, mushrooms, and fresh baked bread), double cheese nachos to share (with pulled chicken) was not planning on getting such a large portion of the nachos..but oh well, and lastly chicken tenders and fries (with dill and buffalo sauce) a cult favourite of my boyfriend’s LOL.

I don’t normally go to Moxies, however the portion sizes on their share menu is quite reasonable. And by reasonable, I mean good on price AND large on portion sizing. That’s a big thing of mine, portion sizing. I want to be full, not in dire need of something else to help me fill myself up.

Other than that, its hard to see in the pictures shown below, but we did end up ordering drinks. That day’s drink special was of the their signature Vodka soda (the typical vodka, soda, lime citrus mix), my boyfriend ended up getting his Erdinger beer.

Location shown: 200, 1615 Regent Ave W, Winnipeg, MB R2C 5C6

My suggestions: Mosaic dip for a starter 😉

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📷Mosaic Dip to share.

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As an added bonus…a photo of their chicken a ribs. Another awesome choice LOL.

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📷Chicken & ribs 🍗🍽

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