I felt inspired after some late night reading, and inquiring into some of my late night thoughts. What came out of all of this? The word “appreciation”, what it meant to me, how I lacked the ability to do so in the past. The way it resembles how much I’ve grown. Appreciation. I wish I could’ve been more grateful, I wish I could’ve been more of this, or..more of that..I can’t change anything. And I refuse to do so now. Appreciation.

Appreciation to me, came from a turmoil of mistakes, regrets, sadness, and pain. We’ve all experienced those emotions one way or another. However to me, it taught me how to appreciate. To appreciate what I had, and not what I didn’t have. To appreciate those who stuck beside me, and not of those who I had originally wanted to stay with me. To appreciate the opportunities I’ve been given, and not solely towards what I was judgemental at first to take. Appreciation, and all of those emotions had taught me that.

Now, I’m super grateful. Grateful enough to know that I’ve been appreciated. Grateful to know that there’s still more to come. The word appreciation entitled me to my happiness, to recollect my needs and wants, to set a focus towards a goal. Appreciation made me understand myself more clearly.

And I’ve still have yet to figure out what else there could be.

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