A Letter to my Younger Self

Dear me,

Yes the younger me. The younger me that can at least read what I’m trying to say, me. You’re carefree and full of possibilities, your future older self will thank that about you. You also don’t like the way your teeth are right now, and you’re scared of getting braces. But hey? You know what? Those braces will make you look ten times better when you grow up! You’ll experience some hardships. You might take some time to yourself to recollect what you may find ‘miseries’ in the beginning. I’ll tell you this, smile. Smile because that’s another quality that your future self will thank you about.

You’ll tell your parents at one point that you want to be an artist, and you’ll cry about it when they tell you that it’s a hobby not a career choice. You’ll thank them for that. You’ll also realize that you weren’t that good in the first place.

The first time you will ever feel a great loss to someone close to you, will be your first dog Bubbles. And you will have countless days where you have regretted how you treated her. Cheer up, she’s in a better place. Plus, you’ll have many other experiences to make up for it.

Continue to laugh and enjoy life, but also note that you will be knocked over at times. Like that time you tried to show off on your bike by riding it sideways, and ended up with a massive bruise on your right arm. Which you’ll still see that scar as a reminder when you’re older, trust me.

You may lose yourself from time to time. But don’t worry, you have people there who have always been supporting you; even though you don’t believe in them as much as they believe in you.

You can be selfish, like many people; but not self less when it comes to others. Your self less side will shine more than your selfish side, keep that as focal point whenever you feel your selfishness arise.

You will grow, learn, and gain many opportunities that will keep you on your feet. Don’t neglect these stepping stones, this will all make you who you are in the future.

More importantly, learn to appreciate help, even when you don’t need it. You’ll struggle with it, you’ll struggle a lot. But me…being your future self, will help you out.

Hey younger self. The somewhat immature self. You’ll turn out okay. You still have a long ways to go ahead of you, but you’ll be okay.




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