My Top 5 Skincare Products

*Disclaimer: All rights go to their respected owner, descriptions and benefits obtained from the Lancome website. Any other opinions are my own.

I was always skeptical of trying out any other lines other than Lancome, thus is the reason why all of my top 5 skincare products are Lancome products..

I’m an avid believer that your skin needs to be properly maintained, just as you keep in good health for your body. By having an awesome and youthful appearance, creates the perfect canvas for you to apply makeup or even go out in public barefaced!

My go to products usually result in using serums…Serums to me are key. When I’m using my serum, not only do I know that it penetrates the skin faster, my use of moisturizer decreases as well. That is not to say NOT to use a moisturizer…I still use my moisturizer because a serum won’t simply hydrate your skin that much that you can neglect the usage of one. By using a serum, I end up using half the amount of moisturizer that I would normally use. The reason for this is because of the use of my serum!

My top picks are the products that I use now, some are newly added such as the Visionnair Nuit Sleep Perfector. Others like the Crème radiance cleanser I’ve been using for a long time now.

Now enough of my rambling..let’s get down to skincare!

DreamTone #1 Serum

Reveal the skin tone of your dreams, even without Makeup with Lancôme’s Dreamtone, Beautiful Skin Tone Creator.

Through our triple action technology, this advanced corrector is designed to correct the appearance of dark spots, uneven skin tone, and visibly corrects colour irregularities such as dullness, sallowness and blemish marks.

With three tailor-made formulas to target each pigmentation profile – from the fairest to the darkest – it’s an innovative skincare approach for visible results.

70%* saw a visible reduction in Dark Spots. 84%* saw a visible improvement in Skin Tone. 80%* saw a visible reduction in Colour Irregularities.

* Consumer use test. 209 women


• Corrects dark spots
• Uneven skin tone
• Visibly corrects colour irregularities (e.g. dullness & blemish marks)
• Brightens complexion


Advanced Génifique Serum

Advanced Génifique is our #1 serum for younger-looking and radiant skin.

The 1st step in every beauty routine, Advanced Génifique Serum targets the 10 key signs of youthful-looking skin:
• texture
• resiliency
• firmness
• sagginess
• fine lines
• wrinkles
• radiance
• even skin tone
• clarity.

Drop by drop, skin feels younger at your fingertips.

For every woman: all ages and ethnicities. Clinically proven results.

Patented until 2029.


• Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
• Improves the appearance of radiance, clarity, firmness, evenness in skin tone and texture


Blanc expert spot corrector

Blanc Expert Radiance Activating Serum brightens skin & evens skin tone for a radiant, smooth skin.

Dark spots in the skin can be associated with age and exposure to the sun.

They can be caused by an accumulation of melanin, a pigment produced in the epidermis that gives skin its colour. If too much melanin is produced in one area, dark spots can appear on the skin surface.


• Corrects dark spots & age spots
• Brightens skin
• Evens skin tone for a radiant, smooth skin



Visionnaire Nuit Sleep Perfector

Our 1st Gel-in-Oil Beauty Sleep Perfector that works throughout the night and helps transform skin’s look and feel night-after-night. Its innovative texture with micro droplets of oil, suspended in a fresh hydrating gel, melts effortlessly on skin for a lightweight yet nourishing sensation.


Immediately, skin appears smoother.
As of the 1st morning, skin feels softer, suppler and looks nourished.
In four weeks, skin’s radiance appears revitalized and its elasticity feels boosted for restored bounce-back.


• For smooth, more elastic and radiant skin.


Crème Radiance Cleanser

Crème Radiance foam cleanser foam activates with water to create a truly luxurious cleanser.

Its fresh formula gently cleanses away Makeup and impurities to clarify the complexion, leaving your skin looking soft, radiant and healthy-looking.

Normal and combination skin types.


Hydrates the skin for a comfortable and non-drying cleansing experience.


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