State and Main

I forgot how State and Main used to be a place that I’d go for group meet ups and such. They had pretty good food here! I took my boyfriend here first, and we ended up going there a couple more times until we eventually got bored of it. Coincidentally these pictures were taken during the first time I took my boyfriend there.

All my saved photos made me remember how awesome of a place it was. Especially since it was near to home, and easy to drive/bus to.

Food shown (from what I remember..): Corn bread, fries, The Main burger, jalapeño mashed potatoes, jalapeño mac and cheese, and the Carolina pulled pork sandwich.

Location: Kildonan Place, 1555 Regent Ave W, Winnipeg, MB R2C 4J2IMG_3032.JPGIMG_3031.JPGIMG_3030.JPGIMG_2947.JPGIMG_3032.JPG